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General Hydroponics Ripen Now Available in USA

It’s been a while since General Hydroponics released anything new. Goldleaf Hydroponics is excited to be the first North American retailer to offer this product. It has been around for a number of years in Europe. However, General Hydroponics Ripen is just now becoming available in America. (Contact us for international shipping.)

An End-Of-Flower Fertilizer

General Hydroponics Ripen has all the necessary macro- and micronutrients for the end of the plant’s life cycle. With an NPK of .5-7-6, it has plenty of phosphorous and potassium. This will continue building weight and density for a healthy harvest. Due to the nature of indoor growing, we frequently harvest plants before they truly reach peak maturity. Pre-harvest flushing usually forces the plant to cannibalize itself in the final crucial weeks. Instead of causing the nutritional content to drop, Ripen allows the plant to continue maturing. Ripen will signal the plant to begin its reproductive process. It also signals defense mechanisms associated with the end of its life cycle.

A Forcing Solution

Ripen doesn’t just provide gentle nutrition to your plants during the critical final stages of flower! General Hydroponics Ripen contains metabolites that signal to your plant that it’s reached the end of its life cycle. It kickstarts several biological processes that result in increased aromas, essential oils, and terpenes. These processes include remobilization and metabolization of accumulated elements. This gives you less nitrates, trace elements, and chlorophyll with and increased resin production.

How to Flush with General Hydroponics Ripen

It is important to follow General Hydroponics’ dosage and applications very closely with this product. Do not use this product with other fertilizers or bloom enhancers; it has everything you need for this phase of growth. We recommend using this product for 10-15 days prior to harvest. Cease use 2 days before harvest. We also recommend giving your plants a flush with FloraKleen to further remove salt build-up before using Ripen. You can also use FloraKleen in the 2 final days before harvest. This will yield a much cleaner product and more effective flush than using plain water.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few creative ways to use this product beyond mitigating the shortened indoor growing period. Outdoor growers can use this product to speed up their harvest window. This can help in anticipation of cold weather or extended rain. General Hydroponics Ripen is also effective in speeding up harvest due to fungal or pest infestation. It also helps with those genetics that just take their sweet time in ripening. General Hydroponics Ripen is a useful tool to the grower who wants precision and consistency in their harvest yields and quality.

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