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Since 1985, Worm’s Way was Bloomington’s and Indiana’s first hydroponics shop—and the first hydro shop outside Washington, Oregon, and California. Worm’s Way was seriously ahead of its time here in Indiana and over the following 30+ years grew nationally to 6 retail stores, 7 wholesale distribution centers (BWGS or Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply), and 17 house brand products including legendary Sunleaves Guano.

Goldleaf owner and founder Kyle Billman went to work at Worm’s Way in 2014 at the height of the hydro industry before corporate buyouts began shaking its foundation. Kyle worked in the Indiana retail store and ended up being the sole individual running the national Mail Order and e-Commerce departments. In other words, Kyle was single handedly running Worm’s Way’s national 800-number hotline and website, serving over 44,000 customers, and working for their wholesale arm BWGS which supplied over 1,000 other retail stores across the country.

While the 30-year history of Worm’s Way, Inc., is vast enough to fill several books, today we want to share one of the biggest happenings since Worm’s Way closed in 2016 and Kyle and his partner Mónica opened Goldleaf Hydroponics:


Our acquisition of www.wormsway.com will conveniently redirect three decades of Worm’s Way customers to our current website, reducing the frequent calls and emails we receive from customers who have had to track us down at Goldleaf since Worm’s Way’s closing.

Stay tuned for a series of posts (be sure to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts) remembering the good old times and paying tribute to the place that started it all for Goldleaf and was so special to so many more people.

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