Q&A with Kyle: What Pump, Plugs, and Net Pots Can I Use for My PVC Hydro System? Leave a comment

Here at Goldleaf Hydro, we regularly get a ton of phone calls and emails from growers just looking for a real person to talk to with some firsthand knowledge who is willing to take the time to share that information. We often remark how our responses to typical customer emails could easily serve as blog posts, so we thought, “What the heck?” and did just that. This post is an amended organic real conversation between Goldleaf co-founder Kyle Billman and one of our customers. Hopefully you’ll also benefit from the answers given, and if you have your own curiosities about plants or any form of growing, feel free to email info@goldleafhydro.com for your own individualized response. We’d love to show you how much we love providing personal customer service and even make some product recommendations to suit your needs. Maybe you have questions like this customer:

I am new to this process and want to build my own hydroponics system.  I was given your contact information by the Urban Agriculture Extension Educator Purdue Extension – Vanderburgh County.  I have 10 pieces of 53″ L x 3″ W PVC pipe.  I plan to use 1/2″ – 3/4″ to allow flow to/from the feeding tubes.  I am hoping to build an A-frame type of system, approx 5′ – 6′ high.  Can you recommend a pump?  Would prefer a submersible pump, or would I?  Also, what can you recommend for pots and potting material.  I would like to start with some strawberries and see what I can do from there.  Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.  Hoping to get first system built this spring!

Thank you,



Hello Matt,

Thanks for your email. We’re glad to hear from you! Sounds like a cool project.

For pumps, each of our water pumps comes with a designated head height which indicates how high the pump can push water and operate within its rated GPH range without losing too much flow from the back pressure.

So you’d want a pump that’s in the 700+ GPH range. Here are some of our pumps and irrigation accessories: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/product-category/water-pumps-irrigation/.

Most economical option which we carry in store: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/ecoplus-adjustable-water-pump-793-gph/

You’ll probably want 2″ or 3″ net pots for your containers. In PVC pipe hydro systems, people usually start one of the following:

Root Riot peat plugs: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/root-riot-replacement-cubes-50-cubes/

1.5″ rockwool plugs: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/grodan-a-ok-36-40-1-5-in-x-1-5-in-plugs-98-sheet-30-sheets-cs/

Some people use a small quantity of hydro clay pebbles to situate their plugs in the net pots: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/cyco-hydro-clay-50-liter/

2″ Net pots (ideal for your smaller tubes): https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/gro-pro-net-pot-2-in/

3″ Net pots (too large for your 3″ tubes): https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/gro-pro-net-pot-3-in/

If you see items listed in full case quantities and pricing on our website, just let me know since we stock a lot of it by the individual sheet in our retail shop. Also please let me know if I can clarify any of the above for you or provide more options.

Thanks again and good luck!

Kyle Billman

Owner, Founder

Goldleaf Hydroponics, LLC


6520 South Empire Road

Bloomington, IN 47401


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