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What are the Benefits of Silica in My Plants?


Increased cell wall thickness

Because silica is contained within the cell tissue supplementing additional silica increases cell wall thickness and strength.


Increased Stem Size and Strength

Supplementing silica will significantly increase the stem size of our garden plants better insuring they can support the maximum harvest and large fruits we are after. Larger stems mean increased nutrient uptake, faster growth rates, better movement of nutrients throughout the plant and thus bigger and stronger plants overall.


Amplified Resistance to Environmental Stress

Thicker cell walls also translate to increased heat resistance and better coping with drought, low watering and even light stress. Since silica essentially adds a protective layer within the plant the amount of water lost through transpiration decreases. This can be a lifesaver for indoor gardeners who battle high grow room temperatures from HID lighting as well as outdoor gardeners who live in dry and/or very hot climates. Just as well these same benefits of silica protect the plant in cold environments and help prevent damage from frost. Overall adding it can ease or prevent shock from various stresses of the environment.


Provides Natural Passive Pest & Disease Control

The benefits of silica passively provide increased insect prevention as pests tend to prefer more supple, tender plants (think of the cheetah going after the weakest gazelle). By foliar spraying our plants with it we are essentially adding a shield of armor to ward them off. In the same way, silica will line the plant’s cell walls making it harder for diseases such as powdery mildew and Pythium to infiltrate the plant.


More Chlorophyll Within the Plant

More chlorophyll means increased uptake of CO2 which translates to increased health and bigger yields all around. Some growers appreciate the deeper green foliage that comes with the increased chlorophyll. Plants just appear visually healthier with silica supplemented. Breeders and growers should absolutely take advantage of this when entering their plants into competitions!


Protection of Essential Oils

By supplementing your plants you are increasing protection of the essential oils (in the form of trichomes) that your plant produces. Trichomes are very sensitive and prone to damage especially UV damage and physical damage post-harvest. Silica can passively increase trichome production due to its main benefits listed above. All of this translates higher quality harvest with a longer shelf life.


What is a Good Brand of Silica for my Plants?


Armor Si from the General Hydroponics is a very solid source of silica weighing in at 10% silicone dioxide. Use mild solution for young plants and as a foliar spray. Use full strength solution for fast growing plants during foliar and structural growth, as well as flowering and fruit production.

In addition to the the normal benefits you also get the potassium benefits including improved structural and foliar growth, increased yield, improved flower and fruit production. Armor Si is available in pints, quarts, gallons, 2.5 gallons and 6 gallons. It is also included in our full nutrient kit packages available in both small and large sizes.

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