Piri Piri, Pili Pili Peppers – Bird’s Eye Chili Dried Peppers

Anywhere you want to add some heat, you can use piri piri. The peppers can be left whole, chopped, minced, or roasted.


  • What is it?

Piri piri is the African name for the chili pepper also found in Asia known as Bird’s Eye peppers. Whether you try the African or the Asian variety, one thing is true: these guys are hot. On the Scoville scale, they fall between 50,000 and 175,000 units. That means they are 20 times hotter than a jalapeno, and up to three times less spicy than a habanero. Chili peppers like the piri piri are popular in many parts of Africa, especially in Ghana where our partner farm has made them available for us to share with you.

  • How should I use it?

The recipes piri piri peppers can be found in are limitless. They are in sauces from Portugal to South Africa and even inspire the name for the well-known peri peri style of cooking. Essentially, anywhere you want to add some heat, you can use piri piri. The peppers can be left whole, chopped, minced, or roasted. If you like the flavor, but want a little less heat, you can always remove the seeds and simply use the pepper skin in your cooking. In Ghana, piri piri or scotch bonnets are ground into a paste with salt then often combined with tomatoes and onions and added to a variety of spicy dishes.

  • Facts and info

Chili peppers like the piri piri, or Bird’s Eye Pepper, have been studied for the health benefits as well. It is known that chili peppers are great sources of vitamins A, B, and C. Thus, they can improve eye health, maintain collagen needed for healthy hair and skin, and assist in red blood cell formation. Chili peppers also contain iron which is needed for regulating blood flow, essential to a healthy brain and all organs.

  • Why buy from Goldleaf?

Goldleaf Hydroponics works with a small farm in Ghana, West Africa, to bring the freshest, most diverse natural products to the United States and worldwide, including our Piri Piri, or Bird’s Eye Peppers. Our small family business has a close relationship with the farmer and crew of 10 whose passion is for growing and farming in a way that is harmonious with nature. If you have any questions about our products or farming practices, please ask and we will be happy to chat by phone or email.

Free shipping and discreet packaging are included with all African goods. We ship most of these items via USPS and in vacuum sealed bags. All orders are fulfilled from our Bloomington, Indiana, retail store, and usually delivered within 2-3 days. Enjoy easy payment online via credit card or PayPal with the confidence of an American business. Call us for payment by check or cryptocurrency.

Goldleaf offers retail and wholesale pricing for bulk African orders. Please contact us at 1-812-500-0423 or info@goldleafhydro.com with any special requests or for bulk pricing by the kilogram.

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