Beginner’s Grow Kit – Grow Tent | Grow Light | Premium Nutrients


Wondering how to get started as a first-time grower? Goldleaf makes it easy with the high quality equipment in our Beginner’s Grow Kit and the expertise to help you succeed!

Growing Space
A small grow tent is a great place to start! In this kit, you’ll receive the 4’x4′ ViparSpectra Grow Tent. With heavy duty zippers and double-stitched fabric, it’s easy to control temperature and humidity for a perfect growing environment.
Grow Lights
You can’t have quality plants without quality lights! The Beginner’s Grow Kit includes the NextLight 420h LED Grow Light. LED lights are highly efficient, using less energy than other types of grow lights and creating very little heat, making them ideal for indoor growing.
Providing your plants with the right nutrients is just as important as light and water! This kit includes CYCO Platinum Series nutrients for the best quality plants and growth rates. CYCO Platinum Series contains pharmaceutical ingredients to ensure the highest quality and consistency.





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