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Kill Spider Mites Fast

This combo is a very effective way to kill spider mites. Completely wipe out the  population before they wipe out your garden. While the products can be used independently, the best results will be had by using them together. It is best to start by using the Knockout followed by the fogger.



  1. Turn off any exhaust or circulation fans.
    – It is best to apply to in the morning or evening to avoid exposure to light which could burn your plant.
  2. Shake can very well.
  3. Hold the can 3.5 to 4 feet away from the plant. You want a fine mist coating only. Oversaturating can potentially cause the plants harm.
  4. Apply spray in short 1 second bursts.
  5. Spray the underside of the leaves for best results.

This will kill eggs and mites at various stages of the life cycle however as soon as adult spider mites sense the KNOCKOUT they will start laying lots of eggs. This is why it is best to release a fogger IMMEDIATELY after applying the KNOCKOUT. Not only will it insure that all adults come in contact with the insecticide, it will also hit any eggs that the spider mites release in response to the KNOCKOUT.



1. Use in Homeowners Greenhouses and other Indoor Growing Areas
2. Use up to 1 day before Harvest on Vegetables, Flowers and Ornamental Plants
3. One ounce Fumigates – Fogs 1000 Cubic Feet: Width x Length x Height= Cubic Feet
4. Always Fog in the Dark-do not use in direct sunlight or with HID Lights on.
5. Best used 2-3 hours after the lights are off or 2-3 hours after sunset-the Greenhouse or Indoor area cools down and the bugs come out
6. Always do an under leaf treatment with Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout prior to Fogging



1. Shut off pilot lights and open flames in the area to be fogged; this includes
Furnaces, Hot Water Tanks, CO2 Burners etc
2. Turn off Exhaust Fans, Air Conditioners and Circulation Fans
3. Close all windows and doors in the growing area
4. Turn off any automated appliances that cycle ON & OFF.
This includes Timers, CO2 Controllers etc
5. Water your Plants before application



1. Raise the shades in the growing area to Maximum Height
2. Prop the Foggers up on a 5 Gallon pail
3. Do not allow the mist to come in direct contact with Plants – it is designed to go up in the air and fall on the Plants
4. Depress the valve into locked position, exit the area immediately and close the door behind you
5. Re-enter the area at least 2 hours after treatment – the longer the better
6. Open all doors and windows, turn on exhaust fans, circulation fans to “Air Out” the area for at least ½ hour  before commencing work in the area


Kill spider mites fast before they kill your garden. We recommend setting off another fogger 5 to 7 days after the first treatment for the most effective eradication of the pest.


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