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Here at Goldleaf Hydro, we regularly get a ton of phone calls and emails from growers just looking for a real person to talk to with some firsthand knowledge who is willing to take the time to share that information. We often remark how our responses to typical customer emails could easily serve as blog posts, so we thought, “What the heck?” and did just that. This post is an amended organic real conversation between Goldleaf co-founder Kyle Billman and one of our customers. Hopefully you’ll also benefit from the answers given, and if you have your own curiosities about plants or any form of growing, feel free to email info@goldleafhydro.com for your own individualized response. We’d love to show you how much we love providing personal customer service and even make some product recommendations to suit your needs. Maybe you have questions like this customer:

hello, hope you are all well! i spoke with someone on the phone today about getting a start kit going. i have a list here made by kyle and another employee at the old location. are these all things you have that i could pick up? i’d like to start a couple plants and eventually move them outside and i have a few questions about that. you can call or text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx if that is easier. thank you.

i’m open to a couple different lower end/start up lights also. i am hoping to get a few plants started inside then move a couple to soil in pots outside for the summer, in the sun room for winter and keep one going hydroponically inside of that helps. i can talk more on the phone with what i want to do if that helps. thanks again, talk soon. 

Here’s our email response, now in convenient blog form:

Good morning Dave,

Thanks for your email. Great to hear from you again! I will link everything for you below, and you can call me or respond here with questions if you prefer.

Conveniently, half of those items now come in a prepackaged DWC kit that we offer: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/flo-n-gro-gro-momma-bubbler-bucket/. That includes the 5 gallon bucket, bucket lid, air pump, air stone, air tubing, and hydro clay medium. You might even check out the General Hydroponics Waterfarm which even includes small bottles of nutrient and a pH test kit. My other recommendations you will see below:

pH Up, qt: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/gh-ph-up-liquid-quart/

pH Down, qt: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/gh-ph-down-liquid-quart/

pH Test Indicator, 1 oz: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/gh-ph-test-kit-1-oz/

My recommended nutrients are below. You use the Grow A & B together during vegetative growth, and you use the Bloom A & B during fruiting/flowering.

CYCO Grow A: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/cyco-grow-a-1-liter/

CYCO Grow B: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/cyco-grow-b-1-liter/

CYCO Bloom A: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/cyco-bloom-a-1-liter/

CYCO Bloom B: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/cyco-bloom-b-1-liter/

After you get comfortable with those base nutrients, we can talk about additives which can help push your plant in certain directions. I use that brand CYCO personally as well as other products, so I’m happy to discuss.

Your previous quote had a CFL fixture, but those are temporarily out of stock from the manufacturer. I can still get you the CFL grow light in the future if desired, but a better option would be something like:

Any ViparSpectra is a good marriage of quality and price for an LED: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/brand/viparspectra/

Hortilux 315W CMH (ceramic metal halide) runs relatively hot (needs standard ventilation) but is highest quality spectrum for a 3×3 area: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/eye-hortilux-cmh-315-grow-light-system-120-240-volt/

State-of-the-art NextLight Core LED for 3×3 or 4×4 (still needs ventilation but runs relatively cool): https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/shop/nextlight-core-led-grow-light/

All three of those options would work from start to finish. You can also check out our T5 high output fluorescent and LED fixtures: https://www.goldleafhydroponics.com/brand/sun-blaze-solar-flare/. In general, those would be great for small plants or propagation as you mentioned stating plants indoors to move outside. I like to call these lights money in the bank because they always serve some purpose whether it be seed starting, houseplants, or growing veggies and herbs through the winter. For additional seed starting and cloning supplies, see this kit.

Thanks and feel free to reach out any time with questions! Email is always best for me, but please feel free to call as well, and if I don’t answer, leave a voicemail and I’ll call back ASAP.

Thanks again for following up on this quote! Have a great day.

Kyle Billman

Owner, Founder

Goldleaf Hydroponics, LLC


6520 South Empire Road

Bloomington, IN 47401



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