Animal Behavior/Reptile Caretaker Internship

Internship Summary

At Goldleaf Hydroponics we have Bloomington’s largest collection on public display of reptiles and amphibians. Specimens include over 30 types of iguanas, geckos, lizards, monitors, chameleons, skinks, turtles, tegus, frogs, newts, salamanders, tortoises, snakes, and the collection frequently grows in diversity. The focus of this internship is reptile care and enclosure maintenance. Daily care consists of removing uneaten food and waste from the enclosures, giving fresh water to the animals, feeding fresh vegetables and insects to the appropriate animals, and wiping down the tanks. Water based enclosures need periodic water tests and changes. Tanks with media need to be watered in when necessary, and high humidity enclosures need misted occasionally. Certain large lizards and tortoises need daily baths or soaks in water. Interns will also tend and breed feeder insects like crickets, mealworms, superworms, flightless fruit flies, and rodents like mice and frozen rats. Intern is expected to devote 10 hours per week minimum at Goldleaf Hydroponics. This internship is created in partnership with the Animal Behavior department at Indiana University. For more information visit IU’s official page here.

Required Qualifications

Animal behavior majors preferred. Requirements include experience with reptiles and experience with plants or horticulture is a bonus. Applicants should be comfortable handling various animals with a quick and steady hand. Attention to detail and initiative is a must as micromanaging the enclosures is the ultimate task. If time allows, the intern will have the opportunity to construct and convert existing tanks into bioactive enclosures using isopods and springtails to maintain a living ecosystem.

Must be able to work in warehouse environment and be able to lift 50 pounds frequently.


Eligible for ABEH-X473 internship credit or unpaid for a commitment of at least 10 hours per week.

Goldleaf loves their interns! Our interns for this position have gone on to work for the Indianapolis Zoo.

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